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New Games Update!

New Games Update!


This week on Meeple Moments we are spotlighting three new games that we have recently added to our 400+ board game library. Next time you’re out with friends or family for game night, mix it up and try something new!

Just in time for spooky season, Zombombie is a game where players compete against one another in a battle for survival! This game is for 2-6 players ages 10+. Inside the box you will find 82 cards and the object of the game is to keep your camp, your hand of cards, to be the last without a Zombie Outbreak! Players will use their cards to get rid of zombies as well as cause other players to receive them. There are multiple ways to stop an outbreak once your camp is infested, but hurry, another player might have it in for you! You can find Zombombie in section B-4 of our library.

Cryptid Codex
Cryptid Codex is a monster-hunting game that is for 2-6 players ages 13+. Take your turn in hopes of capturing vampires, werewolves, aliens, and more! The playtime is approximately 30 minutes and inside the box you will find 42 monster cards and 86 capture cards.

To begin the game, players are each dealt five capture cards and one monster card is put in the middle of the table and flipped over for all the players to see. Each monster card has a capture value in the upper right-hand corner that says how many points must be played on that monster to capture it.

There are different colors of monster cards and each has different effects. Some effects of the monsters change what types of capture cards can be put into play and others make it so the same color card must be used. The capture cards have different “capture values” on them (and effects of their own) that players will use to capture the monster. The replayability makes for an exciting game every time! There are different variations of Cryptid Codex explained on the box and this easy-to-learn game is available in section C-4 of our board game library.

Trekking the National Parks

The Malted Meeple has received a brand-new copy of the second edition of Trekking the National Parks. Inside the lid you will find the sweet story of how family, adventure, and a love of board games helped Trekking the National Parks come to fruition.

Trekking the National Parks is for 2-5 players ages 10+ and takes approximately 30-60 minutes to play. Players will trek all over the map in an attempt to collect as many stones and claim as many national parks as possible. Trekkers may set up camp and occupy major parks for points as well – all to be tallied up at the end of the game. The game concludes when all the stones from the map are gone or when a player has claimed a total of five (5) park cards.

You can find Trekking the National Parks in section E-4 of our library. And keep an eye on our Facebook page for an event announcement – Liz from Underdog Games will be visiting the Meeple for a demo day of Trekking the National Parks in September!

Molly Smith is a wanderer of the Wasteland, a lover of all that is hoppy, and only burns grilled cheese half the time. She spent her college days trekking around Franklin Hall at Kent State University where she pursued her degree in marketing and advertising. Her passion for guest satisfaction and love for event planning led her to the Malted Meeple and Ravenwood Castle.