Meeple Blog > Too Many Bones Demo Day – Sept 24th!

Too Many Bones Demo Day – Sept 24th!

Too Many Bones Demo Day – Sept 24th!


At the Meeple we love to host free demo days for our guests, and this month we are proud to spotlight a unique game: Too Many Bones. Nicole Youngkin will be here on September 24th from 6:30 – 9:30 PM to demo this innovative dice-building RPG.

What makes Too Many Bones so special? As the original dice-builder RPG, you and up to three other players take on the challenge of becoming Gearlocs – a gnome-like race – after being summoned to defend your homeland. Too Many Bones can be played with 1-4 players (yes, you can go it alone!) and playtime is approximately 60-120 minutes. Too Many Bones was designed by Adam Carlson and Josh J. Carlson and comes with 136 custom dice, beautiful edge-stitched neoprene mats, PVC cards and dozens of high-quality chips. Coming in at almost ten pounds, this hefty game has been making players come back again and again for new adventures every time.

In Too Many Bones you have 4-7 classes to choose from and every battle has its own mini challenge to figure out. The entire adventure consists of 8-12 battles with baddies before you reach your destination for the final showdown between your team and one of the many possible kingpins. During your quest you will be faced with storyline decisions which will challenge your wit, leaving you to weigh risks with rewards and decide when to fight or when to flee. You must use logic and strategy to successfully find your way to the end.

Dice are built into every aspect of the game and Encounter cards add plot twists with a hint of humorous content. While you adventure through Too Many Bones, you will accumulate Training Points, which are similar to Experience Points in a regular RPG. These can be used to upgrade your skills or buy new skills (in the form of dice). Dice fit right in the player mat for easy tracking. While this is only a taste of all the magic that is Too Many Bones, don’t worry, you have a chance to try it out!

“And being the resourceful and fearless race that you are, your party has happily accepted this challenge! You will be among the first to travel north in many decades and your adventure begins today!”

Come experience Too Many Bones for yourself on September 24th! Check out our Facebook Event page for more information and direct any questions to See you then!

Molly Smith is a wanderer of the Wasteland, a lover of all that is hoppy, and only burns grilled cheese half the time. She spent her college days trekking around Franklin Hall at Kent State University where she pursued her degree in marketing and advertising. Her passion for guest satisfaction and love for event planning led her to the Malted Meeple and Ravenwood Castle.