New Games Update!

September 10, 2019,

This week on Meeple Moments we are spotlighting three new games that we have recently added to our 400+ board game library. Next time you’re out with friends or…

September Milkshake Madness

We went on a journey this last…

Fall Festival Blog

Fall Festival 2019!

Unpack your sweaters, prepare for the autumnal…


Munchkin Competition

Let’s kick down doors and play some…


What is an Escape Room?

Our escape rooms are ready to book! So, what exactly IS an escape room?

We’ve Moved to 53 Milford Drive!

That's right, the Malted Meeple has moved to downtown Hudson! Come visit us at our brand new location at 53 Milford Drive!

Check out the Meeple's Big Move for details!