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September Milkshake Madness

September Milkshake Madness


We went on a journey this last month with our three Pokemon-inspired milkshakes, and as this epic battle comes to a close, there can only be one winner. Pika-Peach sparked competition between the three flavors by being shockingly delicious! Ditto hid in the shadows, carefully observing to see what the other contenders were up to. But at the end of the fight, Cherrymander came in hot and prevailed as the very best, like no shake ever was, and will remain available as September’s Milkshake of the Month!

Our Milkshake Madness competition for September kicks off in the Mushroom Kingdom! That’s right – this month is all things Mario! Hold on to your (red) hats and get ready for a battle unlike any other. Over the last few weeks when he wasn’t vying for Princess Peach’s heart or saving the world from Goombas and Koopa Troopas, our star was perfecting his own milkshake recipe: Mario’s Watermelon Mango Wahoo! As delicious as it sounds, he needs to stay on his toes because Toad has been crafting a milkshake that boasts toffee, coffee, and cookie flavors dubbed Toad’s Toffee Coffee Crunch! Or maybe this month the King of the Koopas will triumph with his own recipe that can only be described as Bowser’s Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae Shake!

For some extra themed fun, check out section A-4 in our game library and grab Super Mario Level Up! to play while you wait for your shakes.

Which flavor will conquer the rest as the Milkshake of the Month for October? Only you can decide! Stop into the Malted Meeple today to try one of these delicious shakes or go for a milkshake flight of all three! Wa-hoo!

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