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Grimm Masquerade Demo Day

Grimm Masquerade Demo Day


Join us Saturday, August 17th for game demos of The Grimm Masquerade from 12:00pm-5:00pm with Nicole Youngkin right here at The Malted Meeple! Come for a game (or three!) and meet some new people while enjoying a milkshake or craft beer.

Published by Skybound, The Grimm Masquerade is a strategic deduction game that will cast you and other players as legendary fairy tale characters like the Evil Queen and Red Riding Hood. You will be attending the Beast’s masquerade in the Grimm Forest; your goal being to remain the last player in a mask each round and collect the most roses. So how will you accomplish such a feat?

The game is played over three rounds and during each round, players will collect two artifacts and they must keep one as well as gift one to another guest at the ball. Gifting an artifact may be in your favor – or in your opponent’s. Each character must collect three artifacts of their favor to win the round – however, if they are given two artifacts of their bane, they are outed, and their true identity revealed! There are action cards that can be put into play by sacrificing two matching artifact cards and that is where the real fun can begin. Will you choose to peek at the guest list? Or maybe you’ll decide to swap a few artifacts with another player? Players can even go as far as to point the finger and accuse another guest as to who they really are! Do you have what it takes to deduce who is who before your own identity is discovered?

The Grimm Masquerade is suitable for ages 8+.  Games take around 20-40 minutes and can be played with 2-5 players. Come by on August 17th and see the beautiful artwork and game design of The Grimm Masquerade for yourself! Please direct any questions about this event to

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