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Munchkin Competition

Munchkin Competition


Let’s kick down doors and play some Munchkin!

Join us on Friday August 30th from 6-10 PM for a Munchkin Competition. In this competition, players will match wits, items, and insanity for a chance to win a grand prize valued at over $60!

Munchkin is a Steve Jackson game in which players race to level ten by defeating monsters. The players may help (or hinder) each other, defeat monsters, and collect loot. They may also help either side of the fight; making it easier or harder for other players to defeat the monsters. Loot the room, collect items… but don’t get cursed!

Players will be split into three tables and the winners from each table will duke it out against one another in a final battle. Players are encouraged to bring any Munchkin items that will help them win, but they must know the rules for the item!

Entry into the tournament requires a $10 entry fee, which secures you a spot at a table and covers your table fee for the night if you wish to play other games before or after the competition starts. The winner will receive a Munchkin messenger bag with lots of Munchkin promo items inside!

Seats are limited, so reserve your space by purchasing your tickets online, or stop into the Meeple and save your spot in person! Please direct all questions to Come in before the competition and practice! See you then!

Wyatt is the board game savant of the Malted Meeple. Wyatt became involved in hobby board gaming in 2003 and has loved it ever since. He loves teaching board games to new and experienced players alike. Wyatt’s desire to invest in the community led him to establish a growing gaming convention called Y-IT Con. In his free time, he loves making anything from a PVC pipe car to customized game pieces on his 3D printer.