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September Milkshake Madness

September Milkshake Madness


September Milkshake Madness Competition

Accio Delectimenti! Grab your Quidditch gear and trusty wand as we head to Magic School with September’s Milkshake Madness. Delve into the world of everyone’s favorite wizards-in-training to divine the secrets of the Sorcerer’s Cone (caramel, dark chocolate, waffle cone), ask the Sorting Hat (hazelnut fudge) which house you’re in, and brave the depths of the Deathly Mallows (dark chocolate marshmallow)!

Order a milkshake flight to try them all. Then consult your Patronus for guidance as you vote on which of these flavors is a Keeper!

September Milkshake of the Month: Transformers, Optimus Lime

August’s Robot Battle Royale has ended and Optimus Lime has come out on top. As a reward, this tasty shake has transformed into September’s Milkshake of the Month. Try this refreshing blend of raspberry limeade before it rolls out!

Maureen McCardel is a game industry veteran and has worked with publishers, designers, and retailers. She loves the logistical side of marketing and events and digging into a good spreadsheet. She is obsessed with circuses and survives on sugar and tea. Her favorite games include Citadels, Lost in R’lyeh, and Here, Kitty, Kitty!