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Introducing the Red Cloak Society

Introducing the Red Cloak Society


In my last update, I mentioned that we were planning an exciting overhaul of our role playing offerings. After a lot of hard work by the team, some great input from our volunteer Dungeon Meeple corps, and valuable feedback from our players, I’m thrilled to unveil the Red Cloak Society!

The Red Cloak Society is a community for our role playing guests regardless of what systems they enjoy, and offers great benefits and rewards, both in game and out! The Society features separate Player and Dungeon Meeple divisions to ensure that our players and game masters alike enjoy an amazing role playing experience. The Red Cloak Society also provides a framework for the Malted Meeple’s many role playing offerings, with the goal of making it easier for our guests to find a game that meets their particular needs.

Check out some details of the Red Cloak Society below, as well as information on how to participate in this completely FREE program!

Red Cloak Society – Player Division – The Player Division of the Red Cloak Society is designed to reward you for what you were going to do anyway, enjoy great role playing content at the Meeple! For every $10 you spend on snacks, beverages or merchandise during a role playing session, you will earn a Token of Mastery. In addition to using these tokens to purchase in game benefits such as a re-roll or a minor item, with the launch of the Red Cloak Society, players will be able to use these Tokens of Mastery to level up in the Society, and earn rewards such as Red Cloak Society Dice Bags, Character Folios, custom t-shirts and more!

But that’s not all, every year the Red Cloak Society as a whole will set off on an annual adventure. You will receive an adventure passport with a set of objectives to complete. Objectives will include tasks such as Finish 5 One Shots, Complete a Season, and Play a Particular System. Finish the entire quest, and you will earn a custom limited time t-shirt available nowhere else!

Red Cloak Society – Dungeon Meeple Division – One of the keys to the success of our role playing program is our game masters. While some of these game masters are our employees, many are guests just like you who enjoy role playing so much that they’ve volunteered their time to help us run games. We call these stalwart few DMs. No, not Dungeon Masters – Dungeon Meeples!

The Red Cloak Society Dungeon Meeple Division is designed to reward these amazing storytellers. DMs earn points by running sessions, and can redeem those points for amazing rewards such as customized Dungeon Meeple t-shirts, role playing merchandise and accessories, and even Malted Meeple memberships!

And of course our Dungeon Meeples love adventure too, so they have their very own annual Quest of the Dungeon Meeple. Those who complete each of the objectives will earn special rewards!

If you would like to join the few, the proud, the Dungeon Meeples, email us at or speak to one of our Game Masters for more information!

Red Cloak Society – Role Playing Content – Take a quick look at our calendar of events and you’ll see that we offer a huge variety of role playing activities here at the Meeple. So much so that it may even seem a bit intimidating to find the right session. With the advent of the Red Cloak Society, we will begin organizing our gaming sessions a bit differently, with the goal of making it as easy as possible to find the perfect game for you.

In order to provide our guests with the maximum flexibility and predictability in their role playing, we will be categorizing all role playing sessions into one of three divisions: One Shots, Seasons and Home Brew.

One Shots – One Shot adventures are typically 2 to 3 hours in length, and are self-contained sessions, absent any significant tie in to a larger story line. As such One Shots are great if you don’t have the time to commit to a full campaign, or just want to dip your toes into a new system!

Seasons – Those players looking for a more in depth story should be sure to check out our Seasons. These campaigns will typically span six months, and will conclude the major story points at the end of that period. Seasons campaigns will kick off regularly throughout the year, to give players the opportunity to jump into a new story at the ground floor. Of course new players are always welcome to join mid stream as well!

Home Brew – In addition to our sponsored role playing content, the Meeple welcomes guests to run their own role playing games. Though the Meeple is not responsible for the scheduling or content of these games, we are happy to provide the Game Masters of these games with a free milkshake and a waived table fee while they’re running their game!

Keep an eye on the Red Cloak Society section of our website, as we will be adding additional calendars and scheduling for One Shots and Seasons in the near future.

Launch Date & How To Sign Up – The Red Cloak Society officially launches January 1st, 2018. But there’s no need to wait, you can start signing up for the society immediately, and of course any Tokens of Mastery you already have or earn between now and then will be usable for Red Cloak Society rewards. Just ask your Game Master for a sign up slip on your next visit to the Meeple, it’s as easy as that!

There are many more exciting upgrades on the horizon. Stay tuned here for continuing announcements and updates!

Jim Reed is a lifelong gamer who started with the original red box Dungeons & Dragons. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, he decided it was high time that work be fun and struck out on his own. Jim now owns and operates Ravenwood Castle and The Malted Meeple, and spends his days ensuring his guests have as much fun as he does.