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December Milkshake Madness

December Milkshake Madness


This Month’s Milkshake Madness Competition was filled with heroic courage as three DC Universe settings competed for our favor. Smallville’s delicious combination of apples and peanut butter was a delight to anyone who explored Clark Kent’s hometown, and the radical combination of lime and blue raspberry was a treat to anyone visiting the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. But neither shake could compete with the fudgey goodness of Gotham’s fudge chocolate cookie. The Dark Knight’s home town will move on to become the Milkshake of the Month for December.

As we move into December, our thoughts turn to the holidays: the bells, the glitter, the gathering of families, and of course the nefarious villains trying to stop it all! This year the greatest of Christmas villains have a new goal, to compete to become our Milkshake of the Month! Stop in and try the Grinch (Pistachio & Butter Pecan), Scrooge (Red Peppermint Cheesecake), and the Abominable Snowman (Brownie, Marshmallow, & Coconut).

Will the Grinch steal the victory? Will Scrooge hoard the votes? Or will the Abominable Snowman crush the competition?

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite, as only one of these shakes will go on to become January’s Milkshake of the Month.

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