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Hospitality – A House of Many Meeples

Hospitality – A House of Many Meeples


Prior to working at the Malted Meeple, I had the privilege of managing a restaurant. I describe it as a privilege because when managing a restaurant you get a remarkable experience of people. Working at a restaurant you encounter the people that cook, serve, bartend, and clean. In addition to the staff, you encounter guests who bring with them a lot of stories. It is through these individuals and these stories that one truly experiences the restaurant life and its hospitality.

At the Malted Meeple, hospitality is central to all that we do. We are committed to the idea of hospitality, and through its bonds we have created a unique community. The Malted Meeple as a venue provides a great opportunity for members of that community to get to know one another. We as staff also work very hard at getting to know everyone, because we are always glad you have visited.

From the guest’s perspective, hospitality is more than just feeling comfortable while being served; it is the opportunity to be connected and to be accepted. In this side of hospitality the Malted Meeple excels. The Meeple is a convergence of culture, excitement, art, joy, and passion, and our guests include all different types of people. As a veteran in the hospitality industry, my favorite element of the job is the opportunity to experience the differences that people have to offer. Whether they are employees or guests, my interactions with people every day provide an opportunity to see life from a different perspective. Every perspective contains desires, traumas, beliefs, and excitement; and I find joy in the opportunity to house all that perspective and community.

At the Malted Meeple we provide quite a few products. We have everything from milkshakes to popcorn to beer to dice on offer. But our greatest offering is the service of hospitality, which creates the opportunity for community. That community establishes an environment where people have the freedom to be whomever they please, which in turn creates a connectedness fueled by people’s passions to experience life within the realm of nerdy hobbies and delicious snacks.

The Meeple is filled with new ideas, exciting perspectives and adventurous stories. I continually find the environment amazing, and feel privileged to be a part of it.

Dana Miller has embraced the nerd culture his whole life. Starting from a passion for collectible X-Men cards to feverishly saving the princess from Bowser on his NES. He has managed game rooms, blockbusters and restaurants. He loves cooperative and team based activities, learning new board games, comic book films, League of Legends, and trying different craft beers.