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The Spark of Inspiration

The Spark of Inspiration


When I was younger, I loved to play Axis and Allies. Not only did I have fun strategizing and dominating the world, I was able to use it as a way to learn more about history and geography.

Playing as 1940s superpowers Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States, the goal is to win the war by capturing enough critical territories to gain the advantage over the enemy in a recreation of World War II. The game’s cover featured a collage of scenes from battle and photos of the national leaders who guided their nations through a tumultuous period in our history.

At the time, I would see these images and they were all unfamiliar to me. However, that mosaic sparked an interest in history, which has become a strong passion of mine and an important aspect of my life. Whether it was General Patton, Jimmy Doolittle, Rommel, Yamamoto or MacArthur, I learned about each of those pivotal figures in that war.

Games like this aren’t simply ways to pass the time or entertain at a get-together. For many, they spark imagination, creativity and even lifelong inspiration.

There are many games at The Malted Meeple that can have that same effect on those who enjoy them. In our family friendly environment, children and adults alike can play, learn and build relationships.

As a father of two little ones, I’m getting them playing board games! Why? Because board games help build smart and socially engaged kids.

My hope is that the next generation will continue to find inspiration over a piece of card board and rolling some cool dice.

Tom Speaks is a lifelong history nut, a passion which translates into a love of military strategy games. From  Risk to Axis and Allies to Avalon Hill, he can often be found planning his next attack. A proud father of two amazing kids, Tom is an advocate for the educational and social benefits of board gaming for children in our electronic age. Tom is the co-founder of The Impact Group, and one of the proud owners of The Malted Meeple.