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The Red Cloak Society, Coming August 8th!

The Red Cloak Society, Coming August 8th!


Welcome to the first of a series of posts about the upcoming (and ongoing) Red Cloak Society campaign. I am your host, David ‘Doc Blue’ Wendt. I’ve been running RPGs for three decades and have written for a number of supplements for White Wolf over the years. Currently, I am a regular contributor to the Flash Pulp podcast and have a couple of my short stories in the queue for the Melting PotCast.

What is the Red Cloak Society?

The Red Cloak Society is a monthly campaign created for the Malted Meeple using the Cortex Plus core rules. The Cortex Plus system is from Margaret Weis Productions and is the basis for their Firefly and Leverage RPGs.

When the Red Cloak Society was originally envisioned for the Malted Meeple, we had some big dreams. One of those dreams was a custom game that could be played nowhere other than the Meeple. To that end, we created the world of the Mobile Ento Environment Platform (MEEPl) – a city that travels from dimension to dimension providing its inhabitants an endless variety of settings and adventures.

As a player in the Red Cloak Society campaign, your character will explore multiple worlds, some strangely familiar and others quite extraordinary. The Platform is primarily populated by a number of major bloodlines, all offshoots of humanity but each somewhat different. If these groups don’t strike your fancy, there are a wild variety of other possibilities – all refugees from one of the many strange places the MEEPl has visited.

The Red Cloak Society is also the organization of explorers that are the focus of the campaign. Each Mobile Ento Environment Platform is supported by a number of Societies, from the Hospitality Society – who are responsible for helping to organize and run parties for members of the Council of Masks, to the Exalted Society of Perpetual Infrastructure – who ensure that the basic needs of a safe and clean urban environment are maintained, to the Red Cloak Society – the explorers who are the first to leave the platform when it reaches a new reality and the last to return to the platform before it moves on to the next world.

All players in the Red Cloak Society campaign will run members of the explorer’s organization of the same name. They may be new recruits, recently joined to work off their debt to society or grizzled veterans who stayed on long past their required time. Most are members of the major bloodlines that populate the platform and nearly all have graduated from one of the six prominent training guilds. But even if they don’t come from one of these well-established groups, all are valued for the skills and interests that they bring to their tasks.

The first session of the Red Cloak Society will be run on August 8th, 2015 and future sessions will occur once a month on the second Saturday. For more information, watch this blog and talk to the good folks at the Malted Meeple.

David ‘Doc Blue’ Wendt has been a gamer since he was introduced to the original Dungeon Master’s Guide by his cousin. He is a storyteller by passion and circumstance. By day, he uses statistics to craft stories for business decision making for a Fortune 100 company. By night and on weekends, he tells stories to and with his two kids, his regular face-to-face gaming group, on paper and by podcast.