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Summer Seasonal Milkshakes

Summer Seasonal Milkshakes


The arrival of summer solstice last Friday lets us celebrate the official beginning of the summer season and more importantly, the introduction of our summer seasonal milkshakes!

To celebrate the warm weather we will be adding three new flavors to our milkshake lineup. We will be welcoming Lime Cheesecake (Lime Cheesecake), Lemon Cookie (Lemon Cookie), and Salt Water Taffy (Blue Raspberry & Strawberry) to our already awesome menu of shakes. These flavors remind us of all things summer, and we hope that you will love them just as much as we do. Stop by and see them debut on our menu this Friday!

While we prefer to celebrate the beginning of summer with delicious new milkshakes flavors, the summer solstice is celebrated in many ways around the world, with one of the most famous being at Stonehenge in England. People flock to this prehistoric monument in the early hours to gather together and watch the sunrise. While this area is regularly closed off to the public, it is rumored to have been used as celebratory grounds for thousands of years for this very reason! Each year thousands of guests show up to share this experience and enjoy the ability to be closer to the mysterious structure.

Summer solstice is often seen as a day to represent growth and life and many ancient cultures embraced that. Did you know the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids so that on this very day the sun would set right in between them if you were to view it from the Sphinx? The summer solstice has many traditions built around it – maybe yours should be spending the day drinking milkshakes at the Meeple on our beautiful patio!

How will you be celebrating summer this year? Don’t worry if you don’t have your plans yet, our new milkshakes will be around all season!

Molly Smith is a wanderer of the Wasteland, a lover of all that is hoppy, and only burns grilled cheese half the time. She spent her college days trekking around Franklin Hall at Kent State University where she pursued her degree in marketing and advertising. Her passion for guest satisfaction and love for event planning led her to the Malted Meeple and Ravenwood Castle.