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International Tabletop Day 2019

International Tabletop Day 2019


Calling all tabletop gamers young and old! It does not matter your skill level or how many games you have under your belt, you’ll want to celebrate the infamous International Tabletop Day on June 1st! This is the day to celebrate and appreciate all things board game; and that means friendly competition, pretty dice, shuffling cards, and beautiful board design.

Board games have been around longer than you’d guess. Senet, discovered in an Egyptian hieroglyph, is the first known record of a board game and dates back to 3100 BC! Board games have come a long way since then. With roughly ten new board games coming out each day, that’s a lot to take in! So, you may be thinking… where do I start? Well, at the Malted Meeple of course!  Our staff is helpful and trained to help you pick a board game you are sure to love or recommend a game that is similar to one you already do.

If you want some starter games, check out the following:

Tsuro: A fun easy tile placement game that is fun for the whole family. Try to be the last player on the board and you win!

Hanabi: An exciting cooperative game. You are all working together to put on the best firework display, but be careful not to get booed by the crowd.

Splendor: A slightly more challenging game. Each player is hoping to collect the most gems to impress the nobles.

If you are looking for something more challenging, stay tuned! The Malted Meeple will be releasing premium games that you can check out to play while you’re here! These games are more immersive and in-depth and are sure to make for a fun few hours at the Meeple. Some of the premium games include Spirit Island, Mansions of Madness, and Stuffed Fables.  This premium game selection will be available as of June 1, 2019 in celebration of International Tabletop Day! How will you be celebrating?

Wyatt is the board game savant of the Malted Meeple. Wyatt became involved in hobby board gaming in 2003 and has loved it ever since. He loves teaching board games to new and experienced players alike. Wyatt’s desire to invest in the community led him to establish a growing gaming convention called Y-IT Con. In his free time, he loves making anything from a PVC pipe car to customized game pieces on his 3D printer.