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Brewery Spotlight – Jackie O’s

Brewery Spotlight – Jackie O’s


The Malted Meeple is proud to be featuring a southern Ohio brewery this month: Jackie O’s!

Jackie O’s owner acquired their current facility, located in Athens, Ohio, in 2005. It was originally O’Hooley’s Brewpub and he changed the name to “Jackie O’s” in honor of his mother. Soon after, they expanded the business and now operate three locations: a brewpub, a bakeshop, and a farm.

Jackie O’s is unique in the fact that they are self-sustaining. They maintain their own farm that provides the resources needed for their beer and the food served at their locations. They also own a bakeshop where they recycle grain from the brewing process and make it into pizza dough and bread. You can find their baked goods in multiple cafes and stores around Athens.

What once was a business run by only five people has become a well-known brewery across Ohio and now employs over one hundred workers. You can find Jackie O’s brews statewide, including here at the Malted Meeple. We will be tapping a few of their beers in anticipation of their April 26th visit to the Meeple.

Jackie Os Glass

Come by and try one of these unique brews and take home a free pint glass (while supplies last, of course)! We hope to see you soon!

Lauren Edmunds loves crafting, collecting obscure antiques, and all things creepy. She enjoys trying new beer and learning about brewing, and is the beer curator and Assistant Manager for The Malted Meeple.