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March Milkshake Madness

March Milkshake Madness


Having a wizard in the kitchen last month made for quite the competition. Catacomb Cookie Crumble and Scarlet Souffle put their magical concoctions to the test, but it was Dark Magic Mango that cast the most powerful spell to become March’s Milkshake of the Month!

This month we put our own spin on a springtime classic – March Madness – in this month’s Milkshake Madness competition. Sing along with Coo Coo Cthulhu (Green Apple & Caramel), go Insane in the Arcane (Blue Raspberry & Passion Fruit) over a Crazy Little Thing Called Lovecraft (Chocolate & Peanut Butter & Banana)! Which of these flavors will make you lose your mind, and which will gain a cult following to become April’s Milkshake of the Month?

Stop in and try all three flavors in a flight, and be sure to vote for your favorite!

Maureen McCardel is a game industry veteran and has worked with publishers, designers, and retailers. She loves the logistical side of marketing and events and digging into a good spreadsheet. She is obsessed with circuses and survives on sugar and tea. Her favorite games include Citadels, Lost in R’lyeh, and Here, Kitty, Kitty!