Meeple Blog > January 2019 Brewery Spotlight – Thirsty Dog

January 2019 Brewery Spotlight – Thirsty Dog

January 2019 Brewery Spotlight – Thirsty Dog


One of our perennial favorites is back in the spotlight this month, as we raise our pints to our friends from Thirsty Dog Brewing, a beloved local brewery based right here in Akron, Ohio. If you haven’t experienced the Thirsty Dog Way, we invite you to enjoy their full complex flavors, and delicately balanced textures and aromas by the pint or bottle.

Founded in 1997, Thirsty Dog began brewing beer at the Thirsty Dog Brewpub on Dressler Road in Canton, before moving to their current Akron based production facility. After much expansion and growth in recent years, the brewery has returned to their brew pub roots with the opening of a new Thirsty Dog brew pub in the Flats in downtown Cleveland!

Last month you may have enjoyed their 12 Dogs of Christmas Ale, an homage to the traditional Christmas flavors of cinnamon, honey, nutmeg and the like, here at The Malted Meeple. This month we also have their best-selling, multi-award-winning porter, Old Leg Humper (5.8% ABV), as well as Irish Setter (5.9% ABV), a red ale with a caramel malt base and a hoppy balance, on tap.

Join us on Friday, January 25 as we welcome a representative from Thirsty Dog Brewing for an evening of beers to taste, games to play, and maybe even some special swag!

Stop by The Malted Meeple throughout the month of January for some of Thirsty Dog Brewing’s tasty concoctions!

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