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Spotlight on Lindemans Lambics

Spotlight on Lindemans Lambics


Lindemans is a Belgium-based brewery that has been making their trademark Lambic with the same recipe and processes for over 200 years.

Located in the small town of Vlezenbeek on the outskirts of Brussels, Lindemans takes advantage of the abundance of unique microflora in the valley air. The region is blessed with hundreds of wild yeasts that aid in their exceptional brewing process known as spontaneous fermentation, or natural or wild fermentation.

Unlike the controlled addition of yeast used to create pilsners, IPAs, and other beers, spontaneous fermentation happens naturally, thanks to the special micro-organisms that live in the air. This exceptional brewing method is the oldest in the world and requires patience and a mastery that Lindemans has down to an art.

Lindemans’ lambics are only brewed in winter because summer air temperatures reach high levels that can spoil the brew. The brewing period extends from Michaelmas (September 29) to Saint George’s Day (April 23). Each lambic matures for at least a year and the patience pays off in an exceptional flavor profile.

High quality lambics are characterized by a slight taste of cider and sherry. Lambic can be drunk directly from the barrel, but is mostly used by Lindemans as the base for their famous beers such as the tart Framboise (raspberry), the light and bubbly Pecheresse (peach), and the Belgian summer staple Kriek (cherry).

Their recognizable yellow label decorated with Art Nouveau flourishes and foil-wrap topped bottles add an air of sophistication to the presentation of these unique fruit beers that would make any Gatsby proud to serve them at their next soiree.

Add some sparkle to your holiday by joining us Thursday, December 20 from 7-9 for a special tasting event and try three of Lindemans signature flavors: Framboise (raspberry), Peche (peach), and Strawberry.

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