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Extra Life Game Day Weekend 2018!

Extra Life Game Day Weekend 2018!


You don’t have to be Lawful Good to do some good on Extra Life Game Day, Saturday, November 3. You just have to join us as we raise funds to help kids in our local community get the medical care they need.

Get in some gaming as well with 12-hours of RPG goodness for a good cause. We will be running a pair of space themed marathon role playing sessions, the popular new Starfinder and the indie RPG Synthicide! Seating is limited so sign up today with a $40 donation to our Extra Life fundraising team.

StarFinderShoot for the stars as you join a rag tag starship crew exploring the mysteries of an amazing sci-fi universe. Encounter alien races both new and familiar as you explore the galaxy looking for missing artifacts, combat bone ships with magic-enhanced weapons, or protect colonists from a fleet of hideous monsters. Mine mysterious constellations for secrets to the history of the weird and magical universe with your intrepid crew.

SynthicideWhen robots are gods, killing humans is fair game: a high-action RPG where hunger guides your gun hand. Explore a grimdark, cyberpunk galaxy where robots are worshipped like gods and humans have no rights. Synthicide sports a streamlined attribute-based rule set with tactical grid combat. Play as a sharper – a drifting criminal traveling the stars, looking for your next meal ticket. Genetic mutations and cybernetic enhancements are just part of who you are, your skills and aptitudes will also help determine your role in this galaxy of noir adventure and high technology.

To register for the marathons, please ask for assistance at the host station or use the donation link to the right of this post. Then contact us to let us know which session you would like a spot in and we’ll get you registered!

And of course it wouldn’t be an Extra Life weekend without our limited availability #ForTheKids Shake, with 50% of the proceeds from the shake going directly to Children’s Miracle Network and Akron Children’s Hospital. So it’s okay to have more than one milkshake, it’s for the kids, after all.

For more on our Meeple Cares program, Extra Life, or to make a donation directly to Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, visit our Meeple Cares page.

Maureen McCardel is a game industry veteran and has worked with publishers, designers, and retailers. She loves the logistical side of marketing and events and digging into a good spreadsheet. She is obsessed with circuses and survives on sugar and tea. Her favorite games include Citadels, Lost in R’lyeh, and Here, Kitty, Kitty!