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July Brewery Spotlight – Headtrip Brewery

July Brewery Spotlight – Headtrip Brewery


You don’t have to travel far to find our Brewery Spotlight star for July, Headtrip Brewery. Located just down the road in Stow, OH, Headtrip calls itself a nano-brewery with some big ideas about their small space and its impact on community.  They keep a small, enthusiastic operation on track with a fresh brew list handcrafted by owners and brewers Nick Seagle and Tom Mitchell.

Inspired by the Trailhead Brewery, where Nick and Tom first met and bonded, Headtrip occupies a cozy space with limited seating and none of the typical distractions of traditional bars like televisions because they want their patrons to talk to each other and get to know their neighbors.

This commitment to community and quality is evident in their use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients like the locally-sourced coffee beans in Thank Evans!, their full-bodied chocolate peanut butter coffee oatmeal stout.

Common brew categories for Headtrip include hoppy IPAs, Belgian-style, and fruit beers. The Strawberry Wit is a summery, light wheat beer, great for hot summer days, like these dog days of summer we’re having.

Join us on Thursday, July 12, to meet the owners of Headtrip, drink beer, talk shop, and hang out for the evening. The weather should be a lovely 80 degrees. Perfect for patio sippin’!

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