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June Game of the Month – Adventures in Middle Earth

June Game of the Month – Adventures in Middle Earth


Join us this month as we travel into the world of Tolkien with our Game of the Month, Adventures in Middle Earth from Cublicle 7. One of our favorite fantasy settings has been adapted so you can play with the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition role-playing rules system!

Set in the aftermath of the Battle of Five Armies, Adventures in Middle Earth brings travelers of all realms together in search of glory and adventure while dark forces gather in the mountainous Orc-holds and deep in Mirkwood. Explore Middle-earth and defend hearth and kin from the rising threat of The Shadow.

Consult the Players Guide for setting-specific rules to immerse yourself in the rich narrative with beautifully illustrated maps and create your characters from the 11 playable Middle-earth Cultures and 6 new and unique Classes designed specially for the setting. Equip your character with thematic arms and armour.

You can start playing right away with this comprehensive blending of the Player’s Guide and the world’s most popular roleplaying game rules, including unique Journey rules, new rules for Corruption, new Audience roles, and all the magic and lore of this classic fantasy setting. Any time spent in Middle-earth is time well spent!


For the Milkshake Madness game play requirement this month you can play Adventures in Middle Earth or you can get your completion credit by playing Rock, Paper, Wizard! (WizKids) to honor our D&D milkshake theme for the month!

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