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May Milkshake Madness

May Milkshake Madness


April’s Milkshake Madness saw several of our favorite Marvel characters battling for the amusement of Thanos! But only one could be deemed worthy of the title of Earth’s Mightiest Marvel Milkshake! Even with all his mischief and tricks, Loki was proven to be a puny god of illusions. In an incredible upset, Hulk was smashed! When the dust settled, the most unlikely of heroes was chosen as Earth’s champion.Towering above all others, May’s Milkshake of the Month is Antman Sprinkled Strawberry!

It’s May at the Malted Meeple, and that means the return of Star Wars Milkshakes! This is an especially exciting time to be a Star Wars fan with the upcoming release of Solo: A Star Wars Story on May 25th! In the film a young Han Solo sets out to prove to the Galaxy that he can be the greatest pilot there is or ever was. In honor of everyone’s favorite gun-slinging, non-scruffy-looking scoundrel we are proud to introduce three brand new milkshakes with a Star Wars twist.

In the running for June’s Milkshake of the Month are Chocolate Chip Wookiee (Chocolate Chip Cookie), Lando Carameldrizzlian (Caramel Macchiato) and Han Rolo (Dark Chocolate Caramel). Will Chewy roar his way to victory? Can Lando charm his way to first place? Or will Han shoot first into the winner’s circle? Never tell us the odds!

Be sure to stop by any time leading up to the release (or after) and cast your vote for your favorite smug smuggler. Help us settle the debate of who is the best pilot in the Galaxy and which will be the June Milkshake of the Month!

Dana Miller has embraced the nerd culture his whole life. Starting from a passion for collectible X-Men cards to feverishly saving the princess from Bowser on his NES. He has managed game rooms, blockbusters and restaurants. He loves cooperative and team based activities, learning new board games, comic book films, League of Legends, and trying different craft beers.