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March Milkshake Madness

March Milkshake Madness


February is winding up, and with it the race for Milkshake Madness victory. Throughout the month we celebrated Presidents Day with a trio of commander-in-chief themed shakes competing for the Milkshake of the Month. The Teddy Graham Roosevelt was a delightful competitor, but was ultimately disappointing at the polls. The Sherbet Hoover was a crowd favorite, but not enough to rise above the other candidates. The Salt Water Tafty surpassed the other candidates on the ballot, and will be inaugurated as March’s Milkshake of the Month.

Speaking of March, it is a month filled with many things to celebrate: St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of spring, and even this author’s birthday. But one holiday that is dear to our hearts is Tolkien Reading Day. On March 25th, people are urged to celebrate the great works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Whether at a school, library, museum, in a car or at a local game café, we urge you to celebrate Tolkien’s words by reading some of our favorite stories. And of course, we will be celebrating in our own way, with a Lord of the Rings inspired Milkshake Madness competition!

The first milkshake in the competition features that smallest of tag teams, Cherry and Pippin (Cherry Cheesecake). Our second Hobbit in this battle for milkshake superiority is Shamwise Gamgee (Shamrock). Lastly, the most courageous of contenders is Bilberry Baggins (Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry).

Will Cherry and Pippen outwit the other hobbits? Will Shamwise Gamgee be brave enough to rise as victor? Finally, will Bilberry Baggins elude defeat? Stop in throughout the month of March and celebrate Tolkien Reading Day. Be sure to cast your vote and help choose which shall be the One Shake to Rule the Malt.

Dana Miller has embraced the nerd culture his whole life. Starting from a passion for collectible X-Men cards to feverishly saving the princess from Bowser on his NES. He has managed game rooms, blockbusters and restaurants. He loves cooperative and team based activities, learning new board games, comic book films, League of Legends, and trying different craft beers.