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What Does It Take To RPG?

What Does It Take To RPG?


What does it take to RPG?

I remember the first time I was asked to play Dungeons & Dragons. I was a senior in high school and about to go to college when a friend of mine invited me to play D&D with some people on Saturday night. I was hesitant. I had played very few table-top RPG’s. I was not against the idea, but I knew almost nothing about it. My initial reaction to his invitation was, “but I don’t know how to play.” If I invited you to join my friends and I in a game of basketball, but you knew nothing about the sport or how to play, you might respond the same way. However, one of the greatest elements of an RPG like D&D is that it is all make believe. These are games that simulate reality in a fantasy world. You get to take actions and make decisions in a world that doesn’t exist, for the sake of entertainment. So it doesn’t really matter if you aren’t an expert!

We get a lot of questions regarding RPGs at the Malted Meeple. I would like to address some of the more common ones, in the hopes that I might make it easier on another newcomer to the hobby.

Can I just jump in?

The beauty of an RPG is that it is completely facilitated by someone commonly referred to as the Game Master or Dungeon Master. These games often have a storyline, and it will be the responsibility of the Game Master – or Dungeon Meeple as we know them here – to work new players into the story. If playing Dungeons & Dragons was like a softball league, there would be a clear consequence to starting in the middle of the season. But since these games are narrative and not usually competitive, it’s easier to imagine a newcomer as a character who shows up in the middle of a movie.

Do I have to play every week?

We would love for you to play every week, but realize that not everyone can. RPG’S at the Meeple are often set up so that they are drop-in/drop-out. We are a place of safety and fun with a wonderful community, and the idea is that any player can feel free to plug themselves into any campaign where and when they’re able.

Do I need to know how to play?

Some RPG’S are a bit more complicated than others. A game like Dungeons & Dragons has become so mainstream that all you need is a pre-generated character. The Dungeon Meeple and other players  at the table can help you with everything else. Other games can be a bit more “crunchy”, a common reference to games with a lot of number crunching in the experience. The crunchier RPG’s require a bit more information to navigate through the world. However, our players and GM’s are always very helpful no matter the system.

Do I need to bring anything?

The Meeple can provide you with almost everything you need. Players will often let you borrow dice, or you can buy them here. We will happily lend you pencils and characters, and we keep books in stock in case you want to browse through one or purchase one for yourself. However, there is one thing we cannot provide and that is imagination. It is imperative that you come to a game of Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulhu with your own imagination. This one element can be the difference between immersing yourself in the experience and feeling as though you are wading outside the world, wondering when the tide is going to come and bring you into the fun.

The Conclusion

There is no doubt that RPG’s have become quite popular here at the Malted Meeple. We love the opportunity to facilitate the experience for everyone and invite anyone who is at least a little bit interested to try it out. Whether you are 9 or 99, we welcome you to our table. Have a milkshake or a beer, a snack or a soup, and strap in because we are going to introduce you to a new and exciting world!

Dana Miller has embraced the nerd culture his whole life. Starting from a passion for collectible X-Men cards to feverishly saving the princess from Bowser on his NES. He has managed game rooms, blockbusters and restaurants. He loves cooperative and team based activities, learning new board games, comic book films, League of Legends, and trying different craft beers.