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September Milkshake Madness

September Milkshake Madness


The votes are in and the most excellent turtle shake has risen from the depths. Whether it was his laid back attitude, his awesome Nunchucks, or the deliciousness of the Peachy flavor, Michelangelo claims his spot as September’s Milkshake of the Month!

September’s Milkshake Madness competition is highly logical. With Star Trek Day on September 8th, and the launch of the new Star Trek series Discovery on September 24th, the month is coming up Star Trek.

Our mission this month: to explore strange new flavors, to seek out new deliciousness, to boldly go where no milkshake has gone before.

Throughout September set your taste buds to stun, and sample the Shake it So (Cinnamon Cookie), Shake Space Nine (Maple Banana), and The Next Shakination (Salted Caramel Brownie).

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite, as only one of these shakes will go on to become October’s Milkshake of the Month.

Resistance (to the flavor) is futile!

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