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August Publisher’s Spotlight – Gamelyn Games

August Publisher’s Spotlight – Gamelyn Games


One of the things we like to do here at The Malted Meeple is give some extra attention to our favorite board game publishers and designers. In our monthly Publisher’s Spotlight we provide a bit of background on the publisher, discuss a few of their games, and may even announce a visit to The Meeple by some of the publisher’s representatives!

This month, as summer comes to a close and kids go back to school, we shine our Publisher’s Spotlight on our friends from Gamelyn Games! Based out of sunny Queen Creek, Arizona Gamelyn Games was founded by Michael and Brittany Coe in 2012. Gaming had always been a passion of Michael’s and as fate would have it he just happened to have the savvy and right attitude to turn his hobby into a profession. Michael has always been a storyteller and a creator of worlds. In his childhood, he often was the Dungeon Master for Dungeons & Dragons. Soon, the now famous character of Gamelyn became a recurring NPC in Michael’s Dungeons & Dragons home game. Later the character Gamelyn would become a famous Paladin in the hit game World of Warcraft. Finally when Gamelyn Games was formed, the character would be featured as both the namesake and the logo for the company!

According to their mission statement, Gamelyn Games is known for delivering thought provoking, high quality, and affordable products with top-notch customer service. To them, it is a commitment to continue to strive to bring carefully crafted products to their loyal fans and clients. They focus on making the best possible games, and offering the most content to gamers at the most reasonable price possible. Their hit Tiny Epic Series features many unique components and game play that would place it well out of the game’s $25 price point. Rather than inflating the box and eating shelf space, while also making it less economical and ecological, they instead throw away the insert and pack their game boxes full of unique adventure and excitement! Their Tiny Epic Series are fast becoming a staple amongst board game fans and fanatics alike. Tiny Epic Galaxy was even featured on an episode of Table Top with Wil Wheaton!

The next exciting release from Gamelyn Games will be Tiny Epic Quest in October of 2017. After that, Gamelyn Games will be releasing their anticipated title, Heroes of Land, Air & Sea which will see release in 2018.

The next time you visit The Malted Meeple, be sure to ask your Game Master for their favorite game from Gamelyn Games!

Karington Hess is a lifelong gamer whose passions for hospitality and all things game-related led him to Ravenwood Castle, where he served as an Innkeeper before joining The Malted Meeple. When not pouring beers, crafting milkshakes, or teaching boardgames, Karington can be found behind the DM’s screen, weaving intricate stories for his fellow gamers.