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Unrivaled Tournaments 2017

Unrivaled Tournaments 2017


Over the last few weeks you may have seen a variety of Unrivaled placards and posters pop up in the Meeple, and various Unrivaled events showing up on our calendar. At this point, you may be asking yourselves what this Unrivaled thing is all about. Well wonder no more, and welcome to the Unrivaled 2017 Tournament Series!

The Unrivaled 2017 Tournament Series is a nationwide board game tournament, starting with a round of local qualifiers, working up through regionals, and capping off with a Grand Finals in Las Vegas! The tournament starts with qualifiers to be held in nearly 300 sanctioned satellite venues across the country. There are only three such sanctioned venues within 100 miles of Hudson. Can you guess where one of them is? Want a hint? It’s the Malted Meeple of course!

Throughout the month of June, the Malted Meeple will be hosting qualifying tournaments every Tuesday evening. Each winner will earn an invitation to the Regional tournaments, which will be held July through September in several venues across the country.

At the regionals, players will compete for a chance to win a paid trip to the Grand Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The Grand Finals, which will be in October, will be broadcast live on Oomba TV, and will feature a prize package including $10,000 and a Geek Chic custom table for each First Place winner!

UPDATE: We have been informed that in addition to being able to win a trip to the Grand Finals by competing at the regionals, the Unrivaled Tournament Series will be providing us with six Magic Tickets, one for each game. These Magic Tickets include airfare to Las Vegas, hotel while in Vegas, and an invitation to the Grand Finals! That’s right, that’s six participants from the Meeple that are guaranteed to make it to Vegas!

So what games are included in the tournament, and how do you get involved? We’re glad you asked! It all kicks off June 6th at 7:00 PM with Malted Meeple fan favorite: King of Tokyo!

King of Tokyo: June 6th 7pm

In King of Tokyo, you play mutant monsters, gigantic robots, and strange aliens – all of whom are destroying Tokyo and whacking each other in order to become the one and only King of Tokyo. In the King of Tokyo Tournament, groups of four to five players will play in 60 minute rounds. The player who wins the game traditionally or the player with the highest number of victory points at the end of 60 minutes will be declared the winner. Tournament only uses the base game.

Villagers & Villains: June 13th 7pm

As the mayor of a frontier town you stand in the center, eyeing the roads for talent and trouble. Will you take on challenges or hire help, develop your town or command its heroes? The Villagers & Villains Tournament will use the base game, but with all base and advanced rules in play. The tournament will have a minimum of 4 players, with the winner determined as normal for base game.

Nevermore: June 13th 7pm

Many are the paths to power: brute force, subtle deception, cunning trickery. You hold the cards… but you can’t keep them all. What will you decide to collect for personal gain? And what are you willing to give up in order to destroy?

The Nevermore Tournament will use the base game only. The best after three games wins. Minimum of four players. Match points are awarded based on ranking at end of game and the highest match point wins.

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer: June 20th 7pm

The Seal is failing. Your job as a hero of Vigil is to take your small, ragtag band of Apprentices and Militia, and gather an army powerful enough to lead you to your destiny as the Godslayer, and in doing so, slay Samael once and for all. The Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer Tournament will use the base game only with 30-45 minute rounds. Minimum of four players.

Munchkin: June 27th 7pm

Go down in the dungeon. Fight every monster you meet. Stab your rivals in the back and steal their stuff. Grab the treasure and run! You know you love it! The Munchkin Tournament will use the base game only with all decks shuffled. The tournament will be the best of one game with a minimum of four players. Players will be scored by level once a player wins the game.

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill: June 27th 7pm

The sleeper hit has awakened! Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill is loaded with all-new ways to deliver a smoking death to all who oppose you. The Epic Spell Wars II Tournament will use the base game only. Games will use the quick match rules from the rulebook. Best after three games wins, with a minimum of four players. Match points awarded for Wizard kills and also for each last-wizard-standing token.

Come out to the Malted Meeple every Tuesday in June and show off your gaming prowess! With a little luck and a lot of skill, you just might earn the right to represent our region and The Malted Meeple at the Grand finals in Las Vegas!

If you have any questions about the games, the tournaments, the rules, or how to get started, let us know! Send us an email at

Karington Hess is a lifelong gamer whose passions for hospitality and all things game-related led him to Ravenwood Castle, where he served as an Innkeeper before joining The Malted Meeple. When not pouring beers, crafting milkshakes, or teaching boardgames, Karington can be found behind the DM’s screen, weaving intricate stories for his fellow gamers.