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Meet You At The Meeple Podcast

Meet You At The Meeple Podcast


I used to have a thirty mile commute to and from work, and one of my favorite things to do to kill the time while sitting in traffic was to listen to podcasts. Now that my commute is thirty steps instead of thirty miles, I don’t have nearly as much opportunity to listen to podcasts. It is one of the very few downsides to not commuting. These days I have to work a little harder to make sure I’m getting my podcast fix.

So I was quite happy when Jeremiah Isley from Theology of Games and Alan Gerding from Tuesday Knight Games approached me with an idea for a video podcast to be filmed right here at The Meeple. The podcast would be about games and teaching games, and would not only be filmed here, but would feature you, the Malted Meeple guests. I quickly agreed, and Meet You at the Meeple was born!

Every other Thursday evening, hosts Alan and Jeremiah each pick a game from that week’s theme, and teach those games to Malted Meeple guests. As the guests enjoy the game, the hosts provide color commentary, discuss random thoughts, and answer viewer questions. As the games wrap, Alan and Jeremiah return to the tables to get the guests’ final thoughts on the games.

We’ve shot three episodes of Meet You at the Meeple to date, which will soon be available on YouTube. As with all new things we had a few bumps early on, including some camera and sound issues, but we’re ironing out the bugs. Tech issues aside, the guests who have participated in our first three episodes had a blast, as did the hosts and Meeple staff.

If you would like a shot to learn a new game and participate in a new podcast, join us this Thursday May 19th at 9:00, and we will Meet You at the Meeple!

Jim Reed is a lifelong gamer who started with the original red box Dungeons & Dragons. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, he decided it was high time that work be fun and struck out on his own. Jim now owns and operates Ravenwood Castle and The Malted Meeple, and spends his days ensuring his guests have as much fun as he does.