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April Publisher’s Spotlight – Z-Man Games

April Publisher’s Spotlight – Z-Man Games


This month as we spring from winter’s icy grasp, we shine our Publisher’s Spotlight on a company that has produced many of our favorite games.

Z-Man Games was founded in 1999 by New York native Zev Shlasinger. But what was the purpose of founding Z-Man Games, you might ask? To bring back the collectible card game Shadowfist. According to Z-Man Games, Shadowfist is one of the best collectible card games of all time!

After its initial success with Shadowfist, Z-Man Games went on to publish over 100 games, including many award-winners. The company received the coveted Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) in 2014 for their hit game Camel Up. In Camel Up, which we featured as our November Game of the Month last year, players take on the role of Egyptian nobility betting on a high stakes camel race!

Another popular game published by Z-Man Games is the award winning game Pandemic. In Pandemic, the world is beset by 4 diseases. The players must take on the role of scientists, researchers, and dispatchers who are trying to save the world.  Players move around the globe, establish research centers, treat diseases, and try to find a cure. As they work together, the diseases spread and the players must act quickly to cure the diseases before they overrun all of humanity!

Next time you visit the Malted Meeple, take a close look at our library and you will notice many titles with the Z-Man Games logo. Some of our favorites include: Pandemic, Stone Age, Carcassone, Agricola, Camel Up, Blueprints, Zooloretto, and Parade!

Ask your Game Master to recommend their favorite Z-Man Games title today. Then, grab a cold drink, some snacks, and Come Play!