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The People of the Red Cloak Society

The People of the Red Cloak Society


Welcome to our second post about the on-going Red Cloak Society campaign. This month, we take a look at the types of people who populate the Mobile Ento Environment Platform (MEEPl).

There are six distinct bloodlines of man living on the Platform, each from a different reality that the Platform has visited: the Dorhaug, the Floren, the Grizli, the Manthi, the Talguar, and the Ulla. Although cross-breeding is viable and legal, it is uncommon and when it occurs, one of the parents’ heritages nearly always breeds true. Starting players will choose one of these six bloodlines, though more experienced players can unlock the opportunity to choose a minor bloodline, a cross-breed, or get more creative.

The Dorhaug
On their homeworld, the Dorhaug survived largely be adapting to underground living, resulting in a small, slender form. Because of the limited territory available to them, they developed a strict set of traditions and a strong sense of honor to enable them to maintain peace.

In addition to their strict society and small stature, their underground origin also caused the Dorhaug to develop heightened intelligence to capitalize on their less than ideal environment. They also possess a tendency to be more confident in the face of danger, which allows them to gather resources above and below ground despite great hazard.

The Floren
Short and stocky, the Floren deeply value logic and abstain from emotional exchanges in public. Worlds with dwarven legends often mistake them for the stocky rock-dwellers. However, on their homeworld, they dwelt in cities with complex architecture and disdained the darkness and dampness of underground living and therefore resent being compared to creatures with such “barbaric tendencies”.

The Grizli
The Grizlis that chose to travel on the MEEPlatform were originally a tribe of bear-worshippers, who valued the ideals that the bear represents (strength, endurance, alertness, loyalty to their pack) over nearly any other attributes. Being among the least developed of the societies to have been harbored on the MEEPlatform, the Grizlis found comfort in the shared idea of artistry and as such, have developed a deeper appreciation for art than the other bloodlines.

The Manthi
Members of the Manthi bloodline believe that they evolved from apes. As such, they believe that heritage provides them with their curiosity and manual dexterity. They are the most likely to fit in on most worlds where the MEEPlatform lands… that is, if humanity rules that world.

The curiosity of the Manthi has in many aspects propelled their bloodline far beyond the other bloodlines technologically, but, at the same time, has caused their bloodline a great deal of hardship, for, as it is said “some things are not meant to be understood”. As such, the Manthi are unusually resilient, not necessarily of body, but of mind.

The Taulguar
Whether they evolved from cats, or whether they were altered by the sorcerer-kings who ruled their home world, the Taulguar have distinctly feline features. These traits were advantageous to their survival under these sorcerer-kings until the MEEPlatform arrived in their dimension, granting them freedom and refuge. However, despite their feline appearance, they fit in very naturally with the other bloodlines on the MEEPlatform.

During to their years of servitude, the Taulgar developed an affinity for brewing a great many things, as crafting potions and beverages was one of the most desirable jobs they could perform for their masters.

The Ulla
Sometimes called “Technicolors” by the other bloodlines, the Ulla have hair coloring that would seem more natural on tropical birds than on the children of humanity. Their homeworld had been war torn for as long as any of the Ulla could remember, and they still maintain a militaristic upbringing and the natural physical strength they developed to survive. Oddly, despite generations of combat, they are the least likely to show bias (positive or negative) toward the other bloodlines or the natives of worlds where the MEEPlatform lands.

The second session of the Red Cloak Society is coming on September 19th, 2015 and future sessions will occur once a month on the second Saturday. As long as we have room at the table, new players are welcome! For more information, watch this blog and talk to the good folks at the Malted Meeple.

David ‘Doc Blue’ Wendt has been a gamer since he was introduced to the original Dungeon Master’s Guide by his cousin. He is a storyteller by passion and circumstance. By day, he uses statistics to craft stories for business decision making for a Fortune 100 company. By night and on weekends, he tells stories to and with his two kids, his regular face-to-face gaming group, on paper and by podcast.