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Above the Table – Game Time is Quality Time

Above the Table – Game Time is Quality Time


In Above the Table we will cover discussions of all things gaming related. This column also gives the Meeple bloggers a thinly veiled excuse to occasionally wax philosophical and indulge in some hopefully entertaining navel gazing.

In this digital age, we seem to spend more and more time staring at screens. It can be hard to unplug from our virtual realities to spend quality time with friends and families. As adults, we often find ourselves shackled to our devices, in what amounts to a near perpetual state of being “on call”. But it’s not just us. As any parent can tell you, children are spending more and more time on their devices as well. And the number of children with a personal device is increasing. On average, children are 12 years old when they get their first cell phone. The average teenager often has a daily consumption of over 11 hours of media.

Studies demonstrate that spending quality time together is beneficial for parents and children alike. The American Academy of Pediatrics found that children should be limited to less than two hours of screen-based entertainment a day. Engaging in family activities together is also linked to a variety of benefits, including better communication, improved academic performance and fewer behavioral problems.  Research has also shown that teenagers who spend more time with their parents have higher self-esteem and social confidence. Simple activities like having dinner together can provide these benefits. So can joint entertainment activities, such as playing board games.

But all these studies really just tell us something that we already know deep down: it’s good to spend time with family and friends. And that’s what the Malted Meeple is all about. We provide a comfortable environment with a library of games that are fun for all ages, where children and their parents can interact with each other. Families play games and talk to each other, communicating and cultivating relationships – all while enjoying great snacks and handcrafted beverages. This kind of activity helps your children develop, makes the bond between you stronger, and is fun too!

Families need places where both the children and the adults get to have fun. By finding a place that you and your kids will both enjoy, you have found an oasis of family bonding. Family time is invaluable, so Come Play – together!

Tom is a lifelong history nut, a passion which translates into a love of military strategy games. From  Risk to Axis and Allies to Avalon Hill, he can often be found planning his next attack. A proud father of two amazing kids, Tom is an advocate for the educational and social benefits of board gaming for children in our electronic age. Tom is the co-founder of The Impact Group, and one of the proud owners of The Malted Meeple.