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Batman vs Boba Fett

Batman vs Boba Fett


In honor of our ongoing celebration of all things Star Wars, today’s blog explores a fictional matchup between Batman and Boba Fett. How did the Bat even get to that galaxy far, far away? A question for the ages. And for today’s guest blogger, Mitch Cooper.

In the Star Wars universe, Boba Fett is a highly regarded and feared bounty hunter. Since his youth, he has spent many years with bands of intergalactic criminals, while still fuming over the death of his father, Jango Fett. He has used his experience in combat and advanced technology to become the infamous character he is well known as.

Similarly, Batman is the scourge of Gotham’s underworld, preying on the fear of criminals and using his vast experience in hand-to-hand combat and armory of high-end, military-grade technology to bring his enemies to justice.

Boba Fett is paid to maim and kill. Batman is sworn to protect, valuing life at any cost. There are some great storylines in this fight. So, let’s break it down in different categories and see who would win.

Author’s Note: In full disclosure, it should be known that I am well known for my love of all things Batman. With that said, I will be as objective as possible in this discussion.

Physical Abilities

Batman is considered a world-class athlete with incredible strength, speed and stamina. Many descriptions of his physical prowess are compared to those of an Olympic athlete. While he is commonly depicted with great muscle and strength, he is always agile and able to dodge most bullets and react to incoming attacks quickly.

Boba Fett is not well known for his physical abilities, and although his body type is rather slim, he can occasionally rely on brute strength when necessary.

Winner: Batman. While Batman doesn’t have super powers, he is almost above every human being in regards to strength and athleticism.


While physical abilities are a one-sided affair, both Batman and Boba Fett are incredibly brilliant strategists. Batman is lauded as the world’s greatest detective, able to figure out complex crimes and concoct strategies to win any battle where he’s physically outmatched.

Similarly, Boba Fett has been known to rely on fear and intimidation to gain an advantage over his enemies. In order to become one of the top bounty hunters, he had to outthink and predict his bounty’s next steps.

Winner: Batman. This is tough, however, I think Batman has a better body of work to draw from in regards to intelligence and strategy. Still, to survive as Boba Fett did requires a hunter’s instinct.


There is no doubt that Boba Fett has an arsenal of highly advanced weapons and gadgets to choose from. Let’s be real; when not shooting through the galaxy on his amazing Slave 1, he is flying around with a jet pack. He has a variety of blasters and hunting rifles to complement his signature fibercord whip and computer tracking mini-rocket launcher. Oh, and let’s not forget that he’s been known to wield a lightsaber at times.

Batman is also popular for his phenomenal, high-end gadgets. His utility belt makes grown men weep. With limitless financial resources and military technology from Wayne Enterprises, he has a plethora of technology at his fingertips from grappling guns, x-ray/night vision, weapon disruptors and a whole lot more.

Winner: Boba Fett. Boba Fett is fully equipped with alien weaponry and technology, far more advanced, and with much greater firepower, than Batman. When you include the fact that Batman refuses to carry a gun of any type, he can’t compete.

Overall Winner: Batman

While these are only a few of many categories this can be judged from, overall, Batman would win against Boba Fett. Physical strength aside, they are very evenly matched. If it came to hand-to-hand combat, Batman would make Boba Fett long for his days in the Sarlacc pit. I almost called Boba Fett the winner in the simple fact that his weaponry is so advanced and dangerous. He has multiple ways to effectively kill Batman (which I think he would do in a battle like this) that it’s unbelievable. However, Batman would surely be prepared for an opponent like this and have a transmitter that would disable Boba Fett’s gear and render it useless, giving Batman the winning advantage.

We here at the Malted Meeple respect all opinions. Even those that are clearly wrong. Boba Fett would totally kick Batman’s butt.