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Something Awesome This Way Comes, Part I

Something Awesome This Way Comes, Part I


The Malted Meeple has officially been open a little over a month now. We’ve had our shakedown cruise; our trial by fire; our [insert analogy here]. In short, we’ve kicked the tires, and now it’s time to light the fires.

We are officially turning the awesome up to eleven. In addition to all of the weekly activities that you’ve come to know and love, we will be adding some great new events. Here’s just a few examples:

  • Tournament Tuesdays.
  • A slew of new Role Playing systems and sessions, including several home grown campaigns and the introduction of four hour sessions.
  • Our first ever Beer Tasting.
  • The launch of our outdoor patio area.
  • And did I mention the upcoming May the 4th Celebration?


There’s really a lot for us to tell you about. Too much to cover in one blog post in fact. That’s why effective immediately, we’re going to begin blogging twice a week. That’s right, twice as much Malted Meeple content for your reading pleasure!

But what could we possibly have to write about? I’m glad you asked!

In addition to special event announcements, discussions of our weekly activities, and our Game and Publisher of the Month features, we will be launching some regular columns.

Above the Table will cover discussions of all things gaming related. It will also give the Meeple bloggers a thinly veiled excuse to occasionally wax philosophical and indulge in some entertaining navel gazing.

In the GM’s Journal we will discuss all things role playing. From tips for running a successful table to reviews of various systems, you’ll find it here.

The Meeple’s Eye View will continue to provide in depth reviews of games. The Meeple’s Eye View features our guest blogger Rick Grayshock, who will be joined by some new voices in the near future.

In the Publisher’s Spotlight we will give some attention to our favorite publishers and designers.

We will also be continuing to publish our Game of the Month, a feature we share with the Ravenwood Castle blog Quoth the Raven. We may even expand the “of the Month” series to include Beers and Milkshakes of the Month.

With so much great content on the way, be sure to visit our website and subscribe to Meeple Moments. That way you’ll be sure to receive the blog in your email as it’s published.

But don’t stop there.

The Meeple Moments is meant to be a two way street. Do you have a comment on one of our posts? Or perhaps a suggestion for a topic you would like to see us cover?

Let us know!

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