Milkshake Madness

Milkshake Flight

April Milkshake Madness

March’s Milkshake Madness was a battle of…
Milkshake Flight

March Milkshake Madness

February is winding up, and with it…
Milkshake Flight

February Milkshake Madness

January has ended and so has an…
Milkshake Flight

January Milkshake Madness

As the holiday dust clears, a victor…
Milkshake Flight

December Milkshake Madness

This Month’s Milkshake Madness Competition was filled…

We’ve Moved to 53 Milford Drive!

That's right, the Malted Meeple has moved to downtown Hudson! Come visit us at our brand new location at 53 Milford Drive!

Check out the Meeple's Big Move for details!

The Meeple on New Day Cleveland

We were recently on Fox 8's New Day Cleveland. Click on the image below to watch the clip!