Red Cloak Society

Red Cloak SocietyRole playing games are a big part of our daily life here at the Malted Meeple. We consider ourselves the premier role playing provider in Northeast Ohio, and that’s a mission we take seriously!

We offer a tremendous variety of role playing sessions, covering a wide range of systems and settings. We are always on the hunt for ways to expand our offerings and provide our players and Dungeon Meeples alike with an amazing role playing experience. To that end, we are thrilled to announce the Red Cloak Society: a community of role players across all systems, complete with both in game and out of game benefits and rewards!

Joining the Red Cloak Society is completely free! To join just enjoy any of our sponsored role playing sessions, and fill out a short sign up sheet. Players can level up in the Society by turning in Tokens of Mastery. Dungeon Meeples earn points and level up by running sessions. It’s as simple as that!


So, why would you want to join the Red Cloak Society? 

Well first, it's free. Second, you level up by doing what you were going to do anyway, enjoying great role playing content at the Meeple. And finally, you can earn great benefits such as priority seating at some of our special events and marathons, and more!

  • First Level - As soon as you complete your first role playing session you gain First Level in the Red Cloak Society, which grants you access to our annual Adventure Map Quest!
  • Second Level - Turn in 20 Tokens of Mastery to earn Second Level, and a Tier 5 reward scroll for use in any sponsored game session!
  • Third Level - Turn in 30 more Tokens of Mastery to earn Third Level, and a custom Red Cloak Society dice bag!
  • Fourth Level - Turn in 40 Tokens of Mastery to earn Fourth Level, and a custom Red Cloak Society t-shirt!
  • Fifth Level - Turn in 50 more Tokens of Mastery to earn Fifth Level, and a custom Red Cloak Society character portfolio!
  • Sixth Level - Stay tuned for future rewards for higher levels!

Every year the Red Cloak Society will set off on an adventure. You will be given a set of objectives to complete, finish the entire quest and earn a custom t-shirt available nowhere else!

The 2018 Adventure Quest includes the following objectives:

  • Finish a One Shot
  • Finish 5 One Shots
  • Complete a Season
  • Introduce a new player to the Red Cloak Society
  • Spend a Token of Mastery during a session
  • Spend a scroll during a session
  • Spend a Tier Five Scroll
  • Play a Star Wars session
  • Play a Call of Cthulhu session
  • Play a Starfinder session
  • Play a Numenera session
  • Play a Shadowrun session

Sponsored role playing events at the Malted Meeple fall into two broad divisions, One Shots and Seasons.

One Shots - One Shot adventures are designed to provide players with scheduling flexibility and predictability. These sessions are typically 2 to 3 hours in length, and are self-contained sessions, absent any significant tie in to a larger story line. As such One Shots are great if you don't have the time to commit to a full campaign, or just want to dip your toes into a new system!

Seasons - Those players looking for a more in depth story should be sure to check out Seasons. These campaigns will typically span six months, and will conclude the major story points at the end of that period. Seasons campaigns will kick off regularly throughout the year, to give players an opportunity to jump into a new story at the ground floor. Of course new players are always welcome to join mid stream as well!

Check out our Calendar of Events or ask one of our Game Masters for a schedule of upcoming One Shots and Seasons activities!

One of the keys to the success of our role playing program is our game masters.

While some of these game masters are our employees, many are guests just like you who
enjoy role playing so much that they’ve volunteered their time to help us run games. We call these stalwart few DMs. No, not Dungeon Masters – Dungeon

The Red Cloak Society Dungeon Meeple Division is designed to reward these amazing storytellers.

Earn points by running sessions. Redeem those points for amazing rewards such as customized Dungeon Meeple t-shirts, role playing merchandise and accessories, and even Malted Meeple memberships!

And of course our Dungeon Meeples love adventure too, so they have their very own annual Quest of the Dungeon Meeple. Those who complete each of the objectives will earn special rewards!

If you would like to join the few, the proud, the Dungeon Meeples, email us at or speak to one of our Game Masters for more information!


Tokens of Mastery

For every $10 you spend on snacks, beverages or merchandise during a sponsored role playing event, you earn a Token of Mastery. Initially, players could use these tokens to purchase in game benefits such as a re-roll or a minor item.

With the launch of the Red Cloak Society, players can also use Tokens of Mastery to level up in the Society, and earn rewards such as dice bags, custom t-shirts, character folios, and more!

Take Control of Your Adventure

Do you enjoy telling a great interactive story? Are you the one your friends look to when it’s time to run a campaign? Do you feel most at home behind a game master’s screen?

Then you may have what it takes to join the few, the proud, the Dungeon Meeples!
Speak to one of our Game Masters for more information!