The Meeple’s Big Move!

We’ve Moved Downtown!


We loved our original location. The historic octagon barn at 5100 Darrow was a great place to start the Malted Meeple’s adventure. There was only one problem – it was just not big enough for all the awesomeness that we pack into the Meeple!

So as any good adventure must, we have moved on to the next chapter. We identified a great location at 53 Milford Drive, right in downtown Hudson. We spent a few months renovating it and making it just right for us. And once that was finished, we moved our entire operation! Just a few of the upgrades we’re excited about at the new location include:

Bigger space.Moving Truck Green

More private rooms.

Better visibility and accessibility.

Not one, but two great outdoor patios!


The Adventure So Far…


Curious as to how the whole adventure unfolded? Recorded here, for posterity, are a few of our updates as we went through the renovation and relocation process!

Exciting Changes at the Meeple – September 18, 2017

Exciting Changes at the Meeple, Part 2 – November 14, 2017

Exciting Changes at the Meeple, Part 3 – January 05, 2018

The Meeple’s Big Move – It’s Happening! – March 05, 2018

What is an Escape Room?

Our escape rooms are ready to book! So, what exactly IS an escape room?

We’ve Moved to 53 Milford Drive!

That's right, the Malted Meeple has moved to downtown Hudson! Come visit us at our brand new location at 53 Milford Drive!

Check out the Meeple's Big Move for details!