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Traveller 2e – High and Dry Campaign

Saturday April 09

6:00:PM - 10:00PM

Looking to join a campaign? Check out our Traveller 2e – High and Dry campaign starting on Saturday, April 9th!

This is a 5-week campaign on Saturday nights running from 6-10 PM and will include character creation and an introduction to the game on the first week.

One of the appeals of Traveller is that characters are all made together at the table on the first week. Character creation is a game in and of itself! If you have any questions please send us a DM on Facebook or contact us at info@maltedmeeple.com

Science Fiction in the far future! Sent to recover a downed scouting ship, characters are given a golden opportunity; find the ship where the previous crew abandoned it, get the ship off the ground and back to a scout base for repairs, and it’s yours to use for 1 year. However, finding the ship, the IISS High and Dry as it is colloquially called, let alone fixing it, is a monumental task. Players will need to use wit, cunning, guile, and maybe even a few lasers to recover the ship.

Tickets are required, reserve your seat today by clicking HERE! 

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