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Expedition – The Lost RPG

Tuesday June 22

6:00:PM - 10:00PM

Join Caitlin on this 4-hour RPG Expedition at the Malted Meeple on June 22nd starting at 6 PM!

Tickets are required to secure a spot at the table – please reach out to info@maltedmeeple.com with any questions or click here to book now!

Young Jimmy Campbell has gone missing from the small farm where he’s lived all twelve short years of his life. The farm sits on the edge of the Hockomock, an enormous swamp in Southern Massachusetts that’s also known as the “Devil’s Swamp.” The police are asking anyone whose able to lend a hand with the search and you, my dear investigators, have chosen to answer the call…

‘The Lost’ is a scenario from the New Comet Games Book “Devil’s Swamp: Encountering Ancient Terrors in the Hockomock”. It was written by Ben Burns.

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