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Calendar > The Foot of the Mountain D&D One Shot

The Foot of the Mountain D&D One Shot

Thursday February 24

6:00:PM - 10:00PM

Join us on Thursday, February 24th from 6-10 PM for a homebrew Expedition – The Foot of the Mountain!

You are commissioned by the magistrate of Phthel to sojourn into the vibrant forest Northmire. You must venture up the steep slopes of the spire to hunt this mysterious monster that has been terrorizing the locals. “A new monster would put our guild on the map,” the huntmaster tells you as he hands you the request. “But remember, there is always something afoot.” Danger and the wild beckon you. Will you take up their call?

This is a 3rd level adventure. Players can bring their own character but pre-gens will also be available.

Reserve your seat today by visiting ➜ bit.ly/meepleexpeditions

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