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Calendar > SHAKE IT UP! Dice™ Poker Demo Day

SHAKE IT UP! Dice™ Poker Demo Day

Tuesday October 15

6:00:PM - 8:00PM

Join us Tuesday, October 15th for a SHAKE IT UP! Dice™ Poker Demo Day here at the Meeple from 6 PM – 8 PM!

SHAKE IT UP! Dice™ Poker has something for everyone! It’s fast, fun, and easy to learn—yet has deeper levels of strategy to master.

It’s the successor to Square Shooters®, the original cards-on-dice game. It’s Yatzy-Meets-Poker with head-to-head bonuses that make every roll exciting and full of surprises!

Our 9 dice have 54 total surfaces: just right for a full deck of 52 playing cards plus 2 jokers. The cards are arranged in a patented design which allows players to roll the key hands for poker, rummy, and all the classic card games: Every 4-of-a-kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush is achievable.

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