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Calendar > Murder Mysteries at the Meeple: Hauntings at Hackett House

Murder Mysteries at the Meeple: Hauntings at Hackett House

Saturday October 23

6:00:PM - 10:00PM

Murder Mysteries at the Meeple are 4-hour adventures that take guests on a wild ride including but not limited to: murder, mystery, and MORE! The first mystery is the Hauntings of Hackett House hosted by Chelsea from Kraken Cases!

Shortly after booking your spot, you will be able to choose from a curated cast of characters. Be sure to book early so you have plenty of time to get to know your character. While not required, dressing in costume is encouraged, and provides the opportunity to truly bring your character to life!

On the day of the event our Mystery Host will provide you with a background for your character, including secret information about yourself and others. During the three rounds of gameplay, you may choose to keep this information close to the vest, or divulge it at your discretion. Work alone or with the other mystery guests to discover the killer… unless you ARE the killer!

SNAG YOUR SPOT NOW ➜ bit.ly/murdermysteriesatthemeeple


Hackett House – the most haunted place in Gore County – has drawn the attention of TV personality Arachna Phobia, host of the hit show Arachna’s Nightmares. Together with her crew she came to Hackett House to film an overnight lockdown special for her show. Upon reopening the house in the morning, however, the estate manager Ms. Eileen Airy found a distraught crew and a DEAD Arachna. All suspects, living and…other…have been gathered here at the House by Detective Existentia Elle Dredd, of the Gore County Mysterious and Paranormal Homicides Division. No one leaves this house until the murderer has been discovered. Whoever – or whatever – is found guilty will be sent to jail. Or exterminated.

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