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Calendar > Mines of Phandelver – 5-Week Campaign

Mines of Phandelver – 5-Week Campaign

Tuesday May 10

6:00:PM - 10:00PM

Looking for some adventure? Join us on Tuesday nights starting May 10th for the Mines of Phandelver 5-Week Campaign!

This campaign will run the span of five weeks and your ticket will reserve your seat for each session. These sessions will be four hours in length running from 6-10 PM!

May 10th
May 17th
May 24th
May 31st
June 7th

This is a 1st level adventure. You can bring your own character, but there will be pre-gens available. This is a beginner friendly module and is great for first time or beginner DnD players looking for a campaign. To secure your seat  go directly to ➜ bit.ly/5weekcampaignmeeple


Long ago in an age long past there was a mine near a town named Phandelin,… a cave of untold riches and power. Three races split the cave’s wealth, mining it for its untold riches. But as time passed it faded into history lost to time and some think it may have never existed at all. Of course you think otherwise as you have traveled to Phandelin for a variety of reasons, but in the back of your mind lies that cave and the riches it may contain. It’s time to go on your journey in tiny Phandelin and discover the adventure that awaits you.

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