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Gnomes & Wizards Demo Day

Friday January 24

6:00:AM - 9:00PM

Come down and play Gnomes & Wizards before it goes live on Kickstarter! The Malted Meeple is hosting this demo event on January 24th starting at 6 PM. YOU can be an integral part of testing, demoing, and giving feedback to a hardworking, local game designer!

Do you prefer wizards who can manipulate the earth you traverse or gnomes that by their mystical nature, enthrall the creatures of the land? In Gnomes and Wizards, there is sure to be a faction that meets your ambitions to conquer your enemies and take the source of magic all to yourself.

Gnomes and Wizards is teachable at a family level, but has the tactics that the most experienced gamers find enjoyable. Jump right into a skirmish of Gnomes and Wizards before the ground collapses from the very prize you seek to consume.

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