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Expedition – The Worm Hunt

Wednesday February 16

6:00:PM - 10:00PM

Join us on Wednesday, February 16th from 6-10 PM for a homebrew Expedition – The Worm Hunt!

The Adventurer’s Guild has been an established organization in the world for hundreds of years; handing out quests left and right to parties of every shape, size, and level- but after a streak of recent disappearances and a handful of brutal killings, the Adventurer’s Guild is under greater scrutiny than ever before… and what’s to be uncovered may threaten the balance of not just the kingdom, not just the world, but the realm as a whole.
This is a 1st level adventure. Players can bring their own character, as long as it is using sources from DnD 5e.

Reserve your seat today by visiting ➜ bit.ly/meepleexpeditions

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