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Expedition: Krampus Comes Knocking

Tuesday December 07

6:00:PM - 10:00PM

Join us at the Malted Meeple on Tuesday, December 7th from 6-10 PM for a Cthulhu Expedition – Krampus style! 🎄

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Event attendees will go through a short character creation prior to the game.


The Schneider-Griffiths became a blended family back in the spring when Welsh widower Harold Griffith married German divorcee Inge Schneider and moved her to his stately country home. It’s all been a massive adjustment — especially since both Harold and Inge have not only several grown children but a veritable horde of grandchildren between them as well. Still, they’re hoping to bring harmony by gathering all of their brood together for a lovely Christmas holiday. Both sides of the family under one roof is definitely a recipe for drama, but things take a turn for the strange when the kids are left under the care of the eldest teenage grandchild while all the adults go out on the town. Someone’s been very naughty, and Santa’s dark counterpart is coming to deliver a just punishment.

This is a horror-comedy Call of Cthulhu scenario for 7th Edition based on popular holiday movies Krampus (2015) and Home Alone (1990). Players will create characters in the pack of Schneider-Griffith grandchildren between the ages of 9 and 14. Stats and skills will be built prior to gameplay with special character creation rules, so all players need is a concept for what kind of investigator their child will be. Further information about the Schneider-Griffith family is available upon request.

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