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Calendar > Descent into Avernus 5-Week Campaign

Descent into Avernus 5-Week Campaign

Wednesday May 11

6:30:PM - 10:30PM

Looking for some adventure? Join us on Wednesday nights starting May 11th for the Descent into Avernus 5-Week Campaign!

This campaign will run the span of five weeks and your ticket will reserve your seat for each session. These sessions will be four hours in length running from 6:30-10:30 PM.

May 11th
May 18th
May 25th
June 1st
June 8th

This is a 2nd level adventure. You can bring your own character, but there will be pre-gens available. To secure your seat go directly to ➜ bit.ly/5weekcampaignmeeple


The nearby city and regional Capitol Elturel disappeared off the face of the map just before the Grand Duke Ulder Ravenguard went to Elturel. So now the neighboring city is gone, as well as Baldur’s Gate’s leader. The actual gates of Baldur’s Gate have been closed both in and out, as they are dealing with a large refugee crisis and that is absorbing most of the Flaming Fist’s manpower. You have been forcibly conscripted off the streets by the flaming fist to deal with another matter. Some strange cultists are going about the city doing random, senseless crimes.

Can you find out the mystery happening at Baldur’s Gate?

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