Escape Rooms

At long last, the Malted Meeple Escape Rooms are here! It’s been a bit of a wait, but that’s because we weren’t happy with just any old escape rooms. We wanted to take our escape rooms up a notch and provide a premium experience. We think you’ll agree it was worth the wait!


Area 53


Area 53In compliance with a Freedom of Information Act request, the CIA has acknowledged the existence of the highly secretive Area 51. Anticipating increased public scrutiny, the agency has covertly relocated the highly sensitive materials formerly stored in the facility to a new secret base.

Your group of investigators has tracked the materials to this location, dubbed Area 53. Take this opportunity to uncover the biggest secret of all – Case File X!


The Sorcerer’s Eclipse


Sorcerer's EclipseThe powerful sorcerer known as the Scarlet Raven has long sought control over all things. After years of research he has discovered an evil spell with which he plans to extinguish the sun and plunge the world into darkness.

Your group of apprentices has volunteered to infiltrate the Scarlet Raven’s laboratory, find the sacred crystal of the ancients, and use it to stop the Scarlet Raven’s evil spell. But the darkness has already begun to fall – you must hurry!

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Don’t Just Escape, Adventure!

Escape rooms are cool. But like everything else we do here at the Meeple, we take them to the next level. Our high production value rooms are designed to fully immerse you in the adventure.

Gather your team and work together to accomplish your quest and complete your mission!

The Rules

The number one rule for our escape rooms is simple - have fun! That being said, there are a few other simple rules we ask you to follow.