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Kids Dungeons & Dragons

Kids Dungeons & Dragons

Molly Smith   |   12/17/2019

The Malted Meeple takes great pride in crafting events for all ages and interests. One of our most popular events of 2019 has been the addition of bi-weekly Kid’s Dungeons & Dragons sessions, aimed specifically at the younger crowd.

Why D&D?

Dungeons and Dragons, for those who are unfamiliar, is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game (commonly referred to as an RPG) that allows those who partake in an adventure and build their own character.

Creating a character requires some decisions to be made – all of which are great for helping the player think outside the box and use their creativity. Players must choose a race (species) and class (occupation/profession), decisions which will affect gameplay throughout the entire adventure. The player must consider what kind of character they want to play – and why. There are specific attributes/skills that must be taken into consideration… and quite honestly, one of the most important things to consider is which one sounds the most fun!

If your youngster isn’t familiar with the rules of Dungeons & Dragons don’t worry, our DMs (Dungeon Masters) are able to help along the way in making decisions with character creation. And if your child isn’t quite ready to design their own character, we have pre-generated characters that they can choose from.

Dungeons and Dragons allows players of all ages to embark on adventures in an imaginary world where they can duel monsters, discover treasures, and most importantly, work as a team! This collaborative storytelling effort lets kids use their imagination to solve problems they may run into along the way. For example, if a character wants to loot a nearby treasure chest, only to discover it is locked, they may be asked by the DM to roll for an ability check. If the player fails the dice roll, they may use their wit and problem-solving skills to think of another solution. It’s up to the DM and players to write the story – the possibilities are endless!

What do you need to bring?

Luckily for you, not a lot! Whether your child is a seasoned player of D&D or just starting off, we have a staff and amazing Dungeon Masters (DMs) to help lead the way. The basics that all players will want include:

  1. A set of dice (we also sell here if you’re unsure where to go!)
  2. A pencil
  3. An adventurous spirit!

Our Kid’s D&D sessions start promptly at 2:00 PM and conclude by 5:00 PM. Parents are required the stay on the premises during the event, but lucky for you, we have free WiFi and plenty of space! We also make a mean cappuccino. Then again, you’re more than welcome to watch the adventure for yourself – who knows, maybe you’ll get inspiration for a family D&D campaign!

Our Kid’s D&D sessions are every other Saturday, check out our Event Calendar to see next month’s schedule! A $5 ticket per player is all it takes to secure a space at the table. Tickets are available online. Reserve your child’s space today… and let the adventure begin!

Molly Smith

Molly Smith is a wanderer of the Wasteland, a lover of all that is hoppy, and only burns grilled cheese half the time. She spent her college days trekking around Franklin Hall at Kent State University where she pursued her degree in marketing and advertising. Her passion for guest satisfaction and love for event planning led her to the Malted Meeple and Ravenwood Castle.