October Milkshake Madness

In last month’s Milkshake Madness competition we took a trip to the Mushroom Kingdom to witness the battle for supremacy between three familiar faces. Toad fought as best he could, but couldn’t keep up the energy with his Toffee Coffee Crunch.  The remaining warriors duked it out, with Mario offering a refreshing battle cry in his Watermelon Mango Wahoo! As valiantly as he fought however, he was no match for the Koopa Troopas, as Bowser and his indulgent Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae reigned supreme! Fear not, friends, you can still get your hands on Bowser’s wickedly delicious shake, as it has ascended to the title of October’s Milkshake of the Month!

With the changing of the seasons comes yet another Milkshake Madness competition for October and this month we promise you’ll be dying to get your hands on our Cereal Killer shakes! Don’t let our first competitor fool you, this Good Guys doll might not be for kids, but his shake is Dark Magically delicious! Evil toy Chucky wants to possess your taste buds with his Chucky Charms shake: a devilish blend of Lucky Charms and Blue Raspberry. Next up, hailing from the Whitechapel District of London, we’re not quite sure who to attribute this recipe to, but they’ve signed it Apple Jack the Ripper. This mysterious treat features Apple Jacks and an extra kick of warming Cinnamon that should curb the ice-cold shiver its infamous creator sends down your spine! If those don’t pique your morbid curiosity, our Hannibal Chexter shake might be more your taste! Boasting flavors of Chex cereal and creamy caramel, this smooth criminal pairs excellently with Fava Beans and a nice Chianti and should almost definitely get those lambs to stop screaming.

Which of these Spooky Slashers will be the “final girl” Milkshake of the Month for November? Only you can decide their fate. Stop into the Malted Meeple today to try one of these delicious shakes or go for a milkshake flight of all three!

Ellie Pochervina is an 80’s Sci-Fi enthusiast, lover of film/television Trivia, and an amateur human. She enjoys people, places, AND things! A team member at the Malted Meeple, she loves learning new games, creating new milkshakes & cocktails, and making puns/dad jokes.

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