The Meeple Madness Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Are you Meeple enough? Join the Meeple Madness Challenge – now in it’s first year!

The Challenge

  • Enjoy each of our twelve 2016 Milkshake of the Month flavors
  • Enjoy twelve Staff Favorite milkshakes
  • Enjoy each of our twelve 2016 Game of the Month board games

You have all of 2016 to accomplish these lofty goals. Should you succeed in conquering these tasty and enjoyable objectives, you will be showered with accolades, praise, and of course, prizes!

To The Victors Go The Prizes

All entrants who successfully complete the challenge will be rewarded with:

  • A custom 2016 Meeple Madness Challenge fleece jacket!
  • An entry into a drawing for a two night stay at Ravenwood Castle!

How To Enter

The Meeple Madness Challenge. Are you Meeple enough?

  • Talk to your Game Master today.
  • Pony up the $10 entry fee.
  • Put your name on the board.
  • Enjoy!

The Jacket

2017 Meeple Madness Challenge

All who successfully complete the challenge will win a custom 2017 Meeple Madness Challenge fleece jacket - available only through the 2017 Meeple Madness Challenge.

Miss it, and it’s gone forever!